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Health conditions that women may face after giving birth

Whilst the birth of a child usually brings joy to the mother, it can be seen that there are certain health conditions that are faced by women after delivery. Some may be severe, and they last a long period while other conditions are just short lived. One of which is having a loose vagina.


After giving birth, some women find themselves continuously bleeding, and they would feel some pain as a result of this. This condition also causes discomfort among the affected mothers who have just delivered. On the other hand, some women also experience vaginal discharge which also causes discomfort among them. These conditions need treatment otherwise if left unattended, they may cause serious health problems.

Breast pain

hdhjd874Some women often feel pain in their breasts which may be swollen after giving birth. This may be a result of large quantities of milk being produced. Others may suffer from constipation after giving birth. This is caused by the void that would be created in the stomach after the delivery of the child. Time is required for the intestines to adjust to their normal condition especially after a child has just been delivered. Such changes can gradually heal, or some form of medication would be required to speed the process.


Other women often experience what is called postpartum depression after giving birth. Instead of feeling happy about the new baby, some women just feel depressed after they have delivered. They cannot function normally, and this often affects their well-being. If this condition is not treated, it can lead to serious problems, and this can also impact negatively on the newborn baby.


After giving birth, many women often feel discomfort during sex. Instead of enjoying the act, they feel pain mainly as a result of the changes that would have taken place during delivery. The muscles of the vagina take the time to heal after giving birth which implies that sex needs to be given time up until they have fully recovered. Also, like what was mentioned earlier, women may also experience having a stretched vagina. OnĀ http://betterbodyhq.com/which-is-the-best-vaginal-tightening-cream, you will see the best way to make your vagina tighter.

Body shape

hgdhd784The other issue is that some women may experience difficulties in gaining their original body shape after delivery. Major changes to the body are witnessed after giving birth where some individuals end up feeling as if they have been deformed somehow. Others fail to peak to retain their original shapes especially if they experienced some difficulties during delivery. Such changes can be permanent to the extent that the affected people may not be able to give normal birth again and would rely on caesarean section in future.